our chests bumped into
yours against mine when we
walked on by before trouble led us
astray in and out of summer
days of eighty six found
us in cars, sand and stairwells
with only a brief hesitation when I
came back from another for ours
was ours truly gambled with
fate you travelled far east
while I fought canyons pedalling
up coasting down we made
that choice both you and me
to flee the land to get
us free when the price we paid
was not yet clear our dream
to go on held us in flow along
the canals over the flatlands
the age-old land foraging
sap making fresh blood
the girl she was so fine she made
us all smile blossomed time
a trust was formed that
the we was three for
a decade plus we housed
a family before too long
the seasons struck a
growing pain she went
high flying from our new world
to our old world we forged
the avant-garde kin that talks
on lines through oceans and
lands by networks and phones
with password protocols where
love is a word we type with
our fingers in our hearts
our hands tick digital tears
on clicked family photos chatting
now or in memory a coffee
or tea or whiskey skyped
our left field conversations pose
no threat when labor of love feeds
this trio that opens doors to fresh
gathering up of more folk or not
depending on the weather.