benbecula scotland   57.4789°    -7.36678°

Messengers fly bearing news
of unrested defeat, victory, presence.
They are carried by
centuries before and behind.

Wings breathe from here to there
tuned to the blood streams below.
The magic of their feathers
a mere stir in the flock
curled up inside our history.

culloden battlefield scotland   57.4911°    -4.13224°

Death comes to vast numbers among the uncountable.
Swallowed by ambivalent milleniums
of awkward deaths
assigned to meet empty needs.

Those wars simultaneous in all places at once
guarantee the fake that no one dies alone.

frederikshavn denmark   57.4383°    10.5365°

This geo is cool.
This geo is wet.
This geo is bright.
This geo learns.
This geo loves.

This geo takes.

This geo pulls.
This geo coughs.
This geo heats.
This geo melts.

This geo glooms.
This geo slows.

This geo is not long for this world.

kungsbacka sweden   57.4872°    12.0766°

Deals sail close to the wind.
give take
give take
Give take the offerings.

Profit is the new haven.
trade up
trade on
Tear the lustrous shares
etched by crafts
that reek of conquer.

Irborsk fortress russia   57.6866°    27.8271°

Loss hid in slowly vulnerable walls
that once danced resistance.

Loss was charged with ambition’s coda
then raised to a last plateau.

It dares not celebrate the trail behind.
And will never savor the pace to mourn uselessness.

mezhdusopochny russia   57.4771°   160.124°
ugashik peulik alaska   57.8698°   -156.73°

Two volcanoes
provoked by strapped desire
suck at the intimacy of one red cloud.

Bound to the law of proximity
a positive cusp negative
scrambled in their own spit fire.

57 degrees
in a parallel day on the parallel night
raised the sole howling black air.

sharpened by the lack of deviation
pushed symptoms into silence.

south indian lake canada   57.8828°   -102.041°

We are hungry and it’s time to eat.
Forage was without confusion today
and our tongues are clean.

We take our places and help ourselves
to primitive abundance
while unbroken decent is still cheap.

Even when hinted with dissatifaction
and a rumble in our gut
we can’t yet taste the future.

We’re tired and it’s time to tuck in.
Sleep in the pabulum lake
is our place to converse with god’s chuckle.