Field Of Ears

They listen to her. They listen to her music, they listen to her voice, they listened to her breath. She is old.

By now all that listening adds up to 24 hours a day x 365 days a year x more than 50 years with a total to this day of at least 438.000 hours of ear time. Imagine spreading all those hours out onto a field of ears and that a single ear would represent one hour of listening time. Using the above calculations it seems that as many as 876,543 ears would be present in the field of ears. That’s a big place with alot of ears.

Standing at the edge of the field of ears is absolutely sensational. In addition to its vastness, it emits an incredibly strange sound. A kind of fuzzy hum vaguely resembling the “m” in “me”. Scientists spend lots of time writing and publishing various articles on it. They claim that the movements of the cilia, found in each ear, cause the hum.That these particular cilia have been responding to the wonders of life’s humdrum monotony for so many hours through so many years that they now just move on their own. Constantly waving. Well nourished. They feed on sonic food. Each taste sufficiently complex to sustain them for a while longer. And in reply they hum the threads of her, her music, her breath, her resonant years.

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