Visiting Symbolic Sound

The home of the Kyma System is the Symbolic Sound Company founded and run by Carla Scaletti and Kurt J. Hebel.

I had the great opportunity to hang out at the office in Champaign with Carla and Kurt, share ideas and see some of the new software.

I loved seeing the history of the Kyma System in some of the back rooms including the Capybara preamps to the very newest Pacarana circuit boards. Carla and Kurt have, step-by-step, kept the Kyma Community up-to-date with both hardware and software through the world’s changes in digital technology and electronic music. It was all there!

It’s remarkable how a machine can bring us all together. Or could it be that it’s indeed astonishing how people who are close to one another can create such a tremendous machine.

Me, Carla, Kurt
Symbolic Sound