The Treble Girls Tour

The Treble Girls Tour was an intense and inspiring few days carried out with the usual La Berge Dramm focus and passion.

Our first concert was at the Boston Goethe Institut just two days after the Boston Marathon Bombings.

Image 2

We were glad to be able to share the premieres of works by Natacha Diels, David Dramm and Jorrit Dijkstra plus some Stockhausen and Berio with our audience.


The next day we flew to Baltimore to play at the Red Room for a warm and receptive audience! Many thanks to Samuel Burt for the hosting of this event.

Then we flew on to Miami.
A walk on the beach, a visit to the fantastic Wynwood Art District Art Galleries, the hosting of Juraj Kojs, the opportunity to perform for the kids at the Children’s museum and play a late afternoon concert to celebrate Earth Day at the Botanical Gardens lifted our spirits and theirs too!