Vibrating Neurons

The Neural Foundation of Experience: The Role of Vibrating Neurons is a book my father, David LaBerge, recently published. We made a series of informal interviews in May – June 2020 where we discussed the content of each of the 12 chapters.

We made them on Skype with a 9 hour time difference. What we had in common was the lockdown and our passion to find some clarity in the world including what the apical dendrite really does.

I edited them down to 2 – 3 minute videos for YouTube that are teasers, trailers and a gentle summing up of what the book is about:

This book is about neurons in the brain, and how some neurons make it possible for us to think about taking a walk in the park, and other neurons enable us to enjoy a walk in the park. Most of us are familiar with the thinking neurons, because they are like the circuit board of a computer. But, unlike the computer, our brains also contain many other neurons which enable us to enjoy food, music, and gazing at the face of a special person. These neurons vibrate electrically. Although this book discusses issues at the leading edge of neuroscience, it is for readers who have not taken introductory courses in biology, neuroscience, or psychology.