The Fall of 2023

This is some of what happened professionally to me.

Splendor had their 10 year celebration in Theater Carré in Amsterdam.

I played a solo concert in Vilnius, Lithuania where I used old and new material all in one breath as the story of my life. I call it Up Until Now.

I played part of Up Until Now as a set for the Splendor Friday Streaming Concerts where I got to try out my green siren among other adventures. You can also view it on my YouTube channel.

I processed Carl-Ludwig Hübsch’s voice and tuba in the Köln Chamber Remix. The first time I performed where my flute stayed home and my electronic set-up was my sole instrument.

I performed with Ab Baars, Ig Henneman and Hélène Seiyu Codjo in Touching the Field of Stars, where the shakuhachi had a major role, in a benefit concert for the Yidzhin Norbu Kangyur project 2023.

I played a concert at Plugd with Phil Maguire in Cork during a residency where we edited and mixed soon-to-be-released duo recordings. I decided to go back to no-reverb and no-delay in our set which gave us some new insights in addition to some nostalgia. The Quiet Club joined us in the third set.

I will be playing three more times in 2023. They are listed in the Events section of this website.

I did quite some teaching, coaching and paying attention to family, friends and humanity that I do not post anywhere although these activities and people are so important in my life.