Splendor 5 Years

21 September 2018 marked Splendor’s 5 Year Anniversary.

We celebrated with our artists and members for three days!
I played in a Friday night concert that was intended to be on a boat but due to a stormy night, was held in our building.

My team, Luke Deane on voice and noise, Andreas Kühne on drums and me on Native Indian Flute and piccolo, were prepared for any outdoor circumstances.

I also played a lovely house concert with hornist Morris Kliphuis. We brought processed electronics, Leonard Bernstein and our own improvisations to an intimate house concert that we played 3x on a Sunday afternoon.

Luke Deane, Andreas Kühne and me, Splendor 5 Year Celebration
With Morris Kliphuis, Splendor 5 Year Celebration House Concert