Rippled Modalities

The NOW society of Vancouver invited me to create a piece for the improvising ensemble Orkestra Futura as part of a concert with fellow composer/performers Lisa Cay Miller and Lori Freedman.

The big adventure in this project was playing with the shadow puppet team Mind of a Snail. Working with them was a tasty voyage into visual magic.

The Orkestra Futura was a group of Vancouver’s most versatile and insightful improvisers: Peggy Lee, Mike Dowler, Jessie Zubot, JP Carter, Chris Gestrin. Lori, Lisa and I played along.

My piece was called Bugs.
The video is on Vimeo here.

Lori’s piece was called Codence. It was inspired by codes. Lisa’ piece was called Alea Jacta Est. It dealt with some gnarly feminist politics and the audience was invited to eat chocolate!