Releases 2010 – 2014

The Hum

Released March 2014 digitally and March 2016 as LP.

Two text/music pieces with bassist Joe Williamson that sound like odd radio plays with lots of ambiguities and unrestricted fantasy.

Unsounds Records, 2014

Memories of You No. 1 [14 Variations for J. C.]

In memory of John Cage. 1993, revised in 2010. A piece by Daniel Matej for voice, flute, accordion and cimbalom.

MemoriesOfYou001 (1)
Music Fund Slovakia, 2010

Things That A Mutant Needs To Know: More Short And Amazing Stories

Reinaldo Laddaga / Various Artists, curated by Laddaga and Unsounds. A collection of fifty-five short tales and fifty-five brief music pieces composed by a momentary collective of eighteen musicians and composers.

mutant cover 3
Unsounds Records, 2013

(Amsterdam) Memory Space

A work by Alvin Lucier performed by MAZE, recorded 30 October 2012.

Unsounds Records, 2013

The Shackle Stick

A memory stick with audio and video and card game by Shackle (Anne La Berge & Robert Van Heumen).

Shackle card game (& USB stick), 2012


Works by Sam Hayden.

NMC records, 2012


Works by La Berge, 2011.

As a performer using quartertone flute, amplified and processed, La Berge transforms the sound of her instrument and dramatically extends its musical potential. . . Her instrumental and electronic settings foreground phonic qualities, leaving words intact to deliver their semantic load. . . La Berge’s work is a stimulating indication of what might be achieved when the written voice speaks.

Julian Cowley, The Wire, July 2011

Liner notes by Bob Gilmore.

New World Records, 2011

Het Apollohuis Sound Art

Wergo, 2011

The Yasser Collection

With Stephen Altoft, 19-division trumpet.

Microtonal Projects, 2011

Anthology of Dutch Electronic Music 1999-2010

Music Center the Netherlands, 2011

Gas Station Sessions

With The Corkestra.

Doek Plattenbakkerij, 2008


With Lukas Niggli Big Zoom.

Intak Records, 2011


Worm Horspiel #7.

Radio WORM, 2010


By Yannis Kyriakides on the album Antichamber.

Unsounds Records, 2010

Rust Fungus

With Lukas Simonis.

Z6 records, 2010