Releases 2020 – now


Improvisations from 2012 – 2022 of Anne La Berge and Tom Baker.
Present Sounds
Anne La Berge Bandcamp

two songs. anne, germaine, koen, seamus, danya

composed by Danya Pilchen
Edition Wandelweiser Records

A History of Musical Pitch

(Re)sounding Alexander J. Ellis by Seamus Cater
Another Timbre

Outside The Rain Has Stopped

Live from the Orgelpark. Compositions of Ig Henneman
Wig Records 32

T.ON plays La Berge | Greenstone | Pluta | Wooley

A double CD of music recorded in Gottfried Böhm churches in Germany.
Impakt Records

Bayou-Borne and Jitterbug

Works of Annea Lockwood played by MAZE.
Moving Furniture Records

binary systems

5 duo compositions 2020-21 by Richard Barrett using improvisations by  Daryl Buckley, Ivana Grahovac, Lori Freedman, Le Quan Ninh and me.
Richard Barrett Bandcamp


Ted Moore travelled around the world and recorded tracks with his friends.
All tracks are improvised.
Ted Moore – electronics on all tracks
Jenna Lyle – electronics & voice on track 1
Ben Roidl-Ward – bassoon on track 2
Yung-Tuan Ku – percussion on track 3
Emerson Hunton – drums on track 4
Eric Krouse – piano on track 4
Anne La Berge – flute & electronics on track 5
Tom Weeks – saxophones on track 6
Carrier Records 056

two cities

Phil Maguire plays analog synthesizers and Max patches.
Anne La Berge plays flutes and Kyma. They come together through their love of structures that slowly evolve through extended time.


the body imitates the landscape

For tape, transducer speakers and MAZE.
In memory of Robert Ashley (1930-2014).
The music on this album originates in the interactive sound installation The Body Imitates the Landscape by artist Adi Hollander: she designed a collection of ergonomic objects that are meant to transform music into vibrations felt through the entire body. Hollander and Claudio F. Baroni made a live version of the installation where Baroni’s music, performed by Maze, was experienced live by the public.
unsounds 64U