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Three recent works of mine:

Utter tells a story about the complexities of the mother/child relationship from the perspective of language acquisition in a performance with sound and film by Isabelle Vigier and Marcel Wierckx and me.

I created the text and the bulk of the audio for Utter in 2014 during a residency at the Headlands Center for the Arts in northern California. The films and other visual content of the films were assembled collaboratively in February and March 2016 in Amsterdam.

There was a “making of” presentation of Utter on 26 March 2016 in Splendor Amsterdam where we spent countless hours collaborating, playing and preparing this first version of the piece.

General information on Utter can be found here.

The structure of Utter: Utter Sections Score

A short demo of Utter from the making of on 26 March 2016 in Splendor Amsterdam can be seen here.

A 25 minute video of the performance can be found here.

RAW is a work that asks the musicians to improvise on unfinished musical material and to collectively create a work in real time as they are given ongoing random choices to make. RAW embraces the unpolished and unbridled opportunities that unforseen combinations offer us to respond to in the process of making art.

The score is a Max patch where each player influences the structure by sending a message to the patch at his or her own discretion. The Max patch in turn chooses random combinations of players to play, suggestions for the type of music to play and a random prerecorded text sample to be played.

The original version was made for MAZE with the instrumentation of flute with electronics, bass clarinet, double bass, electric guitar, piano with electronics and synthesizers and has been performed in The Netherlands and Bologna, Italy at the Angelica Festival.

The RAW score: RAW_Score2016

The Unsounds label will be releasing an LP of RAW in 2016.
Each side will have a different version of the piece.

RAW Side Two:

The original version of Dakota was performed at the Orgelpark in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It was composed for flute, electronics, chest organ, laptop instrument, harp and narration as part of a project of Robert van Heumen called To Whom this Power which was supported by the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts).

The text is inspired by and derived from Shakespeare’s The Rape of Lucretia.

The Dakota score: Dakota Score 2016

Dakota concert recording in the Orgelpark Amsterdam, November 2015