Anne La Berge has been a driving force the Netherlands’ contemporary/avant-garde since she landed in Amsterdam in 1989. Together with Steve Heather and Cor Fuhler, she founded Kraakgeluiden in 1999, a improvisation series based in Amsterdam, exploring combinations of acoustic instruments, electronic instruments and computers, and using real-time interactive performance systems. Many of its musical collaborations that have resulted have taken on a life beyond the Kraakgeluiden series, which ceased in 2006.

After those pioneering years, she initiated projects and productions that were supported by the Volsap Foundation she runs with her husband, composer David Dramm.

She is a founding artist of Splendor Amsterdam, a collective of musicians, who have transformed an old bathhouse in Amsterdam into a cultural mecca, where she rehearses her own projects and shares small scale concerts with international guests.

La Berge understands that her working methods are inseparable from her artistic identity and collaborations with colleagues have become a key part of her work. Throughout her career she has nurtured relationships with specialists to form artistic teams. She has also shared her experience and unique vision with students and professionals from a variety of backgrounds through coaching and workshops.


Volsap Foundation
Splendor Amsterdam

Isabelle Vigier
Marcel Wierckx

International Workshops
Dutch Improvisers Academy
Splendor Academy
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Marie Phillips
The Treble Girls
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