New Emergences: How Numbers Speak For Themselves

I was asked to participate in the How Numbers Speak For Themselves discussion at the TodaysArt festival in The Hague where Ruth Timmermans, the managing director of Gonzo Magazine gave an impassioned Keynote speech addressing gender imbalance in electronic music.

As a group we discussed and sometimes simply postulated how we can move forward to balance the remarkably large difference in numbers between men and women in electronic music festivals in northern Europe.

In contrast to our former gatherings, the setting was less conducive for interactive discussion but it was useful to hear thoughts from people who program festivals and who are experts in the field of feminism(s). Time to look at the numbers and get to work.

I guess Emergence is emerging as the word of our times. I’m into it.

Semay Wu
Semay Wu, organizer
Mariette Groot
Mariette Groot, discussion leader
Sharing passions and proposing solutions.
Florian Cramer, Mariette Groot and I. Sharing passions and proposing solutions