Minnesota in the snow

Composer Scott Miller put me to work at St. Cloud State University teaching composition, lecturing and collaborating on two concerts, one in St. Cloud and one at Studio Z in St. Paul.

We took his piece The Strange Fine-Tuning of Our Universe that we performed at KISS2013 in Brussels a giant step further to where I can perform it on the road without him. A sad but practical decision.

We also played my work LonelyStats in duo and quintet form. I’ve revised it to where I recite text about Annabelle Lee from the All American Girls’ Baseball League and Marina Raskova from the Russian Night Witches. My music doesn’t evolve in my head, it evolves on stage from performance to performance.

I had a great time playing Kristian Twombly’s piece The Ship. A conceptual gem. And joining forces with the Fifth Column with Brett Wartchow, Nathan Hanson, Pat O’Keefe and Scott Miller at Studio Z could become a delightful habit if we can keep it up.

Anna La Berge program