Milton and more in Boston

From 27 April – 2 May I was the Melissa Gold Guest Artist at the Milton Academy in Boston. It was a week of adventure working with young people from ages 12 – 17. My goal was to give them a taste of music that uses improvisation and interactive electronics. I prepared a few pieces where they could participate. Even when there were 60 or more per class, we found ways for them to get inside of extended techniques, sonic improvisation and pushing a few buttons on my controllers. Participation and discussions were lively.

On Wednesday we ventured off campus to the high powered Brookline High School and the Bridge Boston Charter School where we embarked on the same adventures. At Bridge Boston we made music with kids from 4 – 8 yrs. They smiled, laughed and danced when I made up short songs using all those weird sounds. When is weird weird?

This week was made possible by my dear friend and colleague Louise Mundinger, music teacher at Milton and organist supreme.

Milton Chorus link giving Martin Parker’s GruntCount a try.

Chorus class at Brookline

Advanced music students Brookline
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