MAZE Festival 2018

This was the third edition of our annual festival at Splendor. The focus was on scores that involve game strategies in the broader sense. Repertoire ranged from performances using actual game controllers to reading images on paper that were drawn in real time. We had a fog machine, two video screens, 8 loudspeakers, 7 iPads, analog and digital synths, lots of laptops and our cherished acoustic instruments. We barely fit in the hall.

Our rehearsal and concert days were incredibly intense. We had to figure out how configurations of the six of us would interpret a broad range of concepts, images, instructions and bring them to our audience. The vibe was happening!

My piece, Consensus, was the first performance of a developing work that uses performers’ responses to newsfeeds to guide the structure. I’m am excited that it will have more performances in the fall.

Media from the MAZE festival can be found on our YouTube Channel.

Many thanks to the granting agencies that made this adventure possible:
Amsterdam Funds for the Arts
Creative Industry Funds
Prins Bernhard Culture Funds

Joanna Bailie: On and Off 2
Yannis Kyriakides and Konrad Smolenski – Trackers
Marko Ciciliani: Kilgore