Last Friday I hosted two colleagues in Splendor from Vienna who also represent the Institute for Media-archeology Foundation.

Pia Palme performed Occam XVIII, a mesmerizing new solo work for contrabass recorder by Eliane Radigue and her own work, WEISSE HÖRGEBIETE – a feminist atlas of hearing for video, electronics, contrabass recorder, text & lecture.

I performed a Virus #1.7 for solo flute by Elisabeth Schimana where I sat right next to a loudspeaker and copied what I heard Elisabeth play from her computer. Or at least as close as possible! I loved the challenge and the results.

I also played a short version of Just Before, a work that I composed for Scordatura this year.

Each half was introduced by short biographical films that are part of the soon to be completed IMA Fiction series. There’s one about me where I tell almost all my secrets in 19 minutes.

We shared an intimate and musically lucid evening Splendor style with our audience of some new and some familiar faces.