KISS2016 Emergence

Symbolic Sound, in partnership with De Montfort University’s Faculty of Art, Design and Humanities hosted the eighth annual Kyma International Sound Symposium. The theme was “Emergence”. We all lectured, performed and listened to talks about the past and current theories and manifestations of emergence. Subjects ranged from swarming to strange attractors and many in between. Enough information and inspiration to chew on for the coming year.

Those who gathered for this symposium are a group of devoted users of the Kyma System that was developed by Carla Scaletti and Kurt Hebel. It was a remarkable experience to spend four days with the creators of the instrument I use to make my art. Personal relationships with the makers of my flutes and the makers of the Kyma System: How wonderful is that?

Carla Scaletti KISS2016
Carla Scaletti, KISS2016
Starting Utter KISS2016
Starting ‘Utter’, KISS2016
Revealing my desktop. Talk and Run?
Revealing my desktop. Talk and Run?

More photos can be found here.