Field Of Ears in Splendor

Last night Field Of Ears performed in the very last Splendor concert in the KHL in Amsterdam. The Splendor building is almost ready for us to move into. We’ve been painting the halls this week.

We played works by Rzewski, Nas and band members Joost Buis and me and a work by composer/performer Wilbert Bulsink who brought his pieces and his good energy along.

The Field Of Ears band was formed in 2009 specifically to blur the lines between classical and improvised music. The musicians are equally at home in a broad range of musics and styles. Typically, a field of ears evening is more of a mini-festival than a concert. Special guests include kindred spirits that embrace both improvisation, electronics and silent film.

Anne La Berge – flute/electronics
Joost Buis – trombone/lapsteel
Nora Mulder – piano/cimbalom/keyboards
Jelte van Andel – double bass