Diffractive Readings

Alison Isadora created and curated a couple of days of MAZE performances in the Amsterdam Orgelpark in February where we played Pauline Oliveros’ Wind Horse through the diffractive lens of Billy Mullaney that included a sort-of-tarot-card-like reading for an audience member through the perspective of Oliveros’ life, then a performance of Wind Horse by MAZEĀ  and then another version of Wind Horse where I led the audience in their participation with MAZE.

Alison artfully designed a whole evening where everyone in the Orgelpark explored various depths of listening and collaborating in sound making. The open and acoustically live atmosphere was a wonderful support for everything that happened that night.

The next day MAZE performed works of Alison Isadora, Cat Hope and John Cage which added another dimension to the puzzles related to how to interpret different scores from somewhat conventional notation to iPad Apps and keep listening.

Alison Isadora
Alison Isadora Dissertation
Pauline Oliveros
Billy Mullaney
Cat Hope
John Cage
Diffractive Readings 1
Diffractive Readings 2