Conduits for Kingma Flutes

The revolutionary flute builder Eva Kingma received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the US National Flute Association this year.

I was commissioned by the Brannen Flute Company to compose a multiple flute work for this occasion which stretched on to the British Flute Society Festival and will be performed in a revised version on November 17 at the Netherlands Flute Festival.

I also created a short solo version of this piece called We Step to perform at the Brannen Company Showcase honoring Eva.

Since I have not composed for flutists other than myself for many years, I spent many hours and days researching and compiling fingerings for multiphonics to use as a legend and as an etude for flutists who play on Kingma System Flutes. The commissioned work, Conduits, uses a handful of these gorgeous multiphonics on flutes of all sizes and shapes. Conduits also has an accompanying sound track where a Max App plays processed pre-recorded multiphonics.

Many thanks to the international ensemble of Kingma System Flutists who helped bring the first version of Conduits to life and to the Brannen Flute Company for their financial support. It will continue to be a piece in progress for another few months with an upcoming downloadable online publication.

Brannen Flute Company Showcase Banner.
Matthias Ziegler, contrabass flute; Carla Rees, alto flute; Karin de Fleyt, alto flute; Shanna Gutierrez, bass flute; Marion Garver, contrabass flute; me on C flute.