Degrees On Degrees

Degrees On Degrees was created by Anne La Berge and Joe Williamson as part of a residency at Elektronmusikstudion EMS in Stockholm. It was released in 2016 on THE HUM LP by Unsounds.

It is a musical journey through one’s life using longitude coordinates as points of reference. Anne La Berge and Joe Williamson created this work by documenting the coordinates of the places they have lived in their lives and choosing the ten most significant. They structured their improvisations around their reflections on these places especially the ones where they lived in Amsterdam at the same time. The coordinate for Amsterdam is 4ยบ.

This Max patch is designed to work best for a 16 – 20 minute version of the piece. Shorter and longer versions are possible. It is important to keep the dramatic curve of the structure where the players come together and improvise on an F#. Performers need to choose a musical and geographic reason why the coordinates in this part of the piece are significant.

The creation of Degrees On Degrees was funded by the Performing Arts Fund NL and EMS Stockholm. The Max App was built by Anne La Berge.