Cargo Of Clouds

Cargo Of Clouds is a 30 minute audiovisual piece exploring the paradigm LANDSCAPE and DATA created in collaboration with Isabelle Vigier where I interact live with visual and sonic images. Video projections and processed audio played through a quadraphonic sound system provide analytic and poetic imagery to emulate the impression of the post industrial relationship between humans and nature. My role is to focus all the surrounding media to bring it to the audience on the personal and storytelling level.

I created the first study for this collaboration while in residence at Civitella Ranieri in August – September 2019 and called it Avocado. I have given a few short performances since.

These are demos showing how am experimenting with how to use live blowing and weather data for audio parameters in the Kyma System.

AnemometerToKyma link

SkywatchWeatherToKyma link

I will update this page as my research and creation process continues.