Coastal Elite

Tom Baker, Michael Monhart and Greg Campbell are Triptet. They have quite a history and they invited me to be their guest on concerts in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Seattle and Tacoma. We called it our Coastal Elite tour.

Our concerts started with a walk-in-and-around playing gongs, bells and metal objects, then we played UNISON 1978 by George Lewis and then a quartet version of my piece RAW and then continued to improvise with incredible verve and pleasure.

Brooklyn: Soup & Sound, Thanks Andrew Drury for holding this concert series in your living room.

Manhattan Here and Now Space. An incredibly warm and hospitable place dedicated to Tibet.

The Dutch Minister of Culture, Ingrid van Engelshoven came to our concert with Marjolein Venken.

A surprise and an honor for me to represent Dutch Culture.

Seattle Wayward Music Series at the Chapel in the good Shepherd Center. Home for Triptet where we got to take some space physically and musically.

Tacoma Alma Mater. A happening new space where Triptet had never played before. Thanks to Steve La Berge for being such a happening Tacoma artist and connecting us to Alma Mater. We’ll be back!

Special mention to Lucian, who set the tone before us.