Between The Tracks Book

Between the Tracks is a 2020 book where one chapter was written about my work Brokenheart by Pamela Madsen.

Brokenheart, like many of my works, has gone through many many metamorphosis. Pamela discusses the why, the where and the what this piece is all about.

The whole book is well worth reading! This is how it is described and here is a review by Gregory Taylor.

A collection that goes beyond the canon to analyze influential yet under-examined works of electronic music.

This collection of writings on electronic music goes outside the canon to analyze influential works by under-recognized musicians. The contributors, many of whom are composers and performers themselves, offer their unsung musical heroes the sort of in-depth examinations usually reserved for more well-known composers and works. They analyze music from around the world and across genders, race, nationality, and age, discussing works that range from soundscapes of rushing water and resonating pipes to compositions by algorithm. Subjects include the collaboration of performer and composer, as seen in the work of Anne La Berge, Luciano Berio and Cathy Berberian, and others; the choice by Asian composers Zhang Xiaofu and Unsuk Chin to embrace (or not) Eastern themes and styles; and how technologies used by composers created the sound of the works, as exemplified by Bülent Arel’s use of voltage-control components as compositional tools and Charles Dodge’s resynthesizing of the human voice.


Taylor Ackley, Marc Battier, Valentina Bertolani, Kerry L. Hagan, Yvette Janine Jackson, Leigh Landy, Pamela Madsen, Miller Puckette, David Rosenboom, Jøran Rudi, Margaret Anne Schedel, Juliana Snapper, Laura Zattra