Ausland with Guy

2013-02-13 13.55.47

I spent a couple of days in Berlin working with Guy de Bievre where he was rounding up a period of teaching at the Electronic Studio at the TU where The final presentation was at Ausland.

The students played some very personal renditions of Frank L. McCarty: Tactus Tempus, a controlled improvisational process (1969) and then Guy and I played his new piece Time Zones 0.1 and my piece Swamp for film projector and improvisers (2010).

It is always such a dramatically different experience for me when I play my pieces with different musicians. This version was more lyrical than ever. I think it was the slide guitar and Guy’s particular musical statements that led us into the swampy zone.

2013-02-13 13.49.09
speakers for Swamp