April – August Catch Up

Time flew as many of us tried to catch up on events and projects that had been scrambled during the pandemic years. These were some of them:

T.ON played a CD release concert at the St. Gertrud church in Köln. The entire project of commissioning and recording for this project was based around the churches of architect Gottfried Böhm (1920- 2021). I had the privilege of playing with them for 2 concerts in addition to creating a work for the project. We played another in Splendor soon after and made the longlist a German recording award.

Danya Pilchen composed a work called Songs for a small ensemble that was premiered and later recorded in Splendor. The proceeds for the concert were donated to Insight LGBTQI+, an NGO in Ukraine. Songs will soon be released as a CD.

Songs by Danya Pilchen. Recording at Splendor.

My longstanding electro acoustic partner Phil Maguire could finally come back to Amsterdam from London to record and perform in Splendor. Fani Konstantinidou was our guest. Both audience and performers were so glad to be in the same room with such rich sounds again. Phil and I are editing and mixing the recordings now with a fall release in mind.

MAZE released a CD on Moving Furniture Records with Jitterbug and Bayou-Borne by Annea Lockwood. Our celebration concerts were at the Willem Twee Toonzaal in Den Bosch and Splendor where we played Bayou-Borne and my work RAW. This season we have quite some performances coming up including our own festival on 26 November in Splendor with lots of guests.

I went back to Reykjavik in August to be part of the UNM co-structing festival where I performed on Nanna Lysdahl Søgaard’s piece Fyrtånet in the Grótta Lighthouse and led a workshop and performance in electro acoustic improvisation at Mengi. It was indeed memorable to hang out with this astounding group of young creators.

Grottó Island Lighthouse