A Question of Survival

Tom Baker and I play together now and then in the US since Tom lives close to where most of my US family lives and we like to create work collaboratively.

This time Tom came to Europe for a few gigs!

We started by spending a couple of days messing around with texts and stories from Louise Erdrich’s The Plague of Doves to build our set. This is a novel that spoke strongly to both of us and includes a plethora of themes that are relevant today.

We played at
SMOG Brussels where there was a very cool audience that ranged from classical through experimental music enthusiasts.

WORM Rotterdam where we got to play a third improvised set with the arty and entertaining Desperate Hobbies duo

Splendor Amsterdam which felt like home.

Here are a couple minutes of a raw recording from the Splendor gig.

Many thanks to Alissa Rupp for the photos and the company.