22 March 2020 postponed

This concert on
Sunday 22 March 2020
in Splendor Amsterdam
has been postponed to June 2020
due to COVID-19 concerns in the Netherlands and further.

I encourage you to download these releases and listen at home!

Slower Evolution
A few sets where you can forget time and place

Fani Konstantinidou creates and recreates timelines of sound that create musical dialogues and public communication.

She has a new LP on the Moving Furniture Records Label:
Winter Triology / The Big Fall
deep listening – Jan Willem – De Subjectivisten
this is a thought-provoking album – Psymon Marshall – Santa Sangre

Sietse van Erve (Orphax) plays electronic drone and microtonal music and runs Moving Furniture Records that has just released a compilation where he is also one of the artists.

The great strength of this superb sound object is the coherence of the whole, the tracks being linked in perfect harmony, creating waves and sensory waves which penetrate deeply into our cortex, injecting their doses of imbalance and perfect harmony. . A superb introduction to discover and appreciate the musical demands of Moving Furniture Records. Very highly recommended.

Splendor Artist Luke Deane is a composer / performer who creates mixed media compositions that range from high-tech interactivity to sublime solo piano.

Luke’s genuine and quietly self-assured musical presence and elegant piano playing ensured that the audience remained absorbed as his music passed coherently through lyrical, tonal jazz styles, more discordant and jagged textures and at times daring percussive and piercing backtracks. Stephen Marquis

Het absolute hoogtepunt van het Grachtenfestival is dit jaar We cannot sleep, een virtuele opera. NRC

De virtualrealityopera We Cannot Sleep is een geslaagd pionierswerk. Componist Luke Deane is even goed thuis op het gebied van elektronisch geluid als op dat van de uitgeschreven noten.
De Volkskrant

Phil Maguire plays analog synthesizers and Max patches. He runs the verz label.

Everything about aural documents #1 is clean and exact; a precise negotiation of noise, time, space and silence, architecturally arranged into a structure of symmetry, right angles and impeccable counterbalance … Vivid and irrefutable.”

Virtually impossible to second-guess what directions Maguire might wish to be taking us, yet while we’re here under this steel canopy it seems the most natural place on earth.
The Sound Projector

Phil and I have a NEW cassette release with download on bandcamp.

I play flutes and the Kyma System
The powerful nature of Anne La Berge isn’t just that she is a virtuoso performer, or that she embraces technology: it’s that she visibly has fun with it. She mocks and circles around the question, her scientist-daughter mind so sharp that you know she is fully aware of the audience and its perceptions and yet she is not so self-absorbed that she misses being in the moment. Her music and performances do not suffer from cynicism or that kind of post-modern criticism that chides itself from being joyful. Her music is engaging and infectious. As a listener you marvel at her technique and want to know if her stories are true and how she is inspired. As a composer/performer you want to be on stage with her. Rebekah Wilson, Review-Video Portrait