Dancing with Electra at Kulter

28/03/2015 13:28

Electra Kouloumpi is a young dancer and building engineer. One of her passions is to offer her audience abstract narrative interpretations of the spaces she moves through. This was our second time on stage together and the first as a duo. We had some magic in that hallway at the Kulter Proeflokaal in the basement of the A Lab building.


MAZE plays Blueprint


Blueprint is a video score by the conceptually wondrous artist Justin Bennett that MAZE performed with at GEMAK in The Hague on Friday the 13th of March. Justin recorded the performance and the audio is played with the video as part of an installation that will run until 11 April 2015.

Then we hope to play with it around the world.


Winter Songs in Splendor

26/02/2015 14:02

Each of the 50 Splendor Amsterdam artists gives a concert once a year specifically for our club members. This time I assembled and arranged music that had something directly or abstractly to do with Winter Songs with some serious help from David Dramm and astounding performing from Jan Willem Baljet, Diamanda LBD, Nina Hitz and Nora Mulder. We were SOLD OUT!


_during, lasting…


From 16 – 19 February I had a job to do. One hour a day. It was to play in Martijn Tellinga’s
_during, lasting . . ., an installation/performance that lasts 5 consecutive days for 6 hours daily where 9 players enter the space for one hour (unannounced & uncoordinated) and the audience comes and goes.

It was part of the Nearly Not There . . festival W139

For me it was paradise.


Shackle Back on Track


Shackle had two romping and stomping performances in the beginning of February that included our full set up plus guests.

We were in Deventer on 8 February at the Kunstlab as guests of ~DIF where we played with silent film fragments and tried out all the new stuff we’ve been working on so that we can find more new stuff to do.



Robert van Heumen organized and produced Local Stop Revisited on February 15 in STEIM. STEIM will be moving location at the end of 2015. It’s a place where many of us were able to use space and facilities to research and create some of our most significant work in the last years. Shackle Affair made an appearance with guests Semay Wu and Han Buhrs. We’re into guests!

Local Stop Revisited

The End of The Odyssey


The 5 month long, 27 performances tour of My Private Odyssey with with Club Guy and Roni ended on 5 February. That was a monumental run of a sensational work with a big team of performers and makers that I grew to appreciate and love deeply. I never found Ithaca. In my role as Telemachus, I was left looking for my father over and over again. Still am.


January Improvisations


The concerts that I found myself in were rich in performer diversity inclucing ages, sizes, disciplines, instruments, body parts and locations.

On 5 January I played on the monthly Monday Match at the BIMhuis in Amsterdam. The special guest was a musician playing sewing machine. Eventually I was inspired to tell my own sewing machine story where my Mom sewed through her finger.


Zebra was the guest band for the monthly ImproJam at MEZRAB on 17 January. That was my first authentic jam session ever in my life! Got to hear some magical moments and some misfires too. That’s jamming.


The Oorsprong Curators Series has a complex set of rules regarding when one is allowed to play on the concert. Basically one can only play once in the concert season and only with artists one has never played with before. At my age those stipulations are hard to follow. We had a fantastic performance on 26 January with a collective spirit that rendered our improvisation into compositional magic. Many thanks to Electra Kouloumpi for putting us together. We’ll see one another again on local stages soon.

OORSPRONG 26 Januari 2015 edition

Splendor Parade 2015

06/01/2015 17:54

This year we made a band called the Splendororkestra and played pieces by fellow Splendor composers. We filled in the rest of the program with duos, trios and quartets that represented the scope of styles and artistic personalities housed by Splendor. We gave this big event to thank the contributing members of our club and to open our doors to the ears of others.


Dog with David Dramm and Kenzo Kosuda.



30/12/2014 11:25

My last gig of 2014 was with Shackle in Rotterdam at Vroom. Shackle has been testing the waters by playing in combinations with others in our Shackle Affair, playing with film in our Shackle Bits and playing other composer’s works made for us in SlowHZ.

This time Robert and I just played as a duo with our Shackle System. This is my favorite Shackle configuration. Fast moving, musical, theatrical, noisy, quiet, funny, tragic.



13/12/2014 14:10

Zebra! played a long and intense set for the Instant Music Day on Friday 12 December at the Martin Luther King Church in Amsterdam. We’re still into our original trio concept of moving in and out of one another’s sustained sounds and patterns as if we are one instrument.

Yedo has a new soprano sax, Ada brought all her toys but I’m not sure how many she played and I blew, sucked, whistled and sang.

Next appearance of Zebra! will be at the Splendor Parade in the Muziekgebouw on 3 January 2015.

Cartel Instant Diciembre