13/12/2014 14:10

Zebra! played a long and intense set for the Instant Music Day on Friday 12 December at the Martin Luther King Church in Amsterdam. We’re still into our original trio concept of moving in and out of one another’s sustained sounds and patterns as if we are one instrument.

Yedo has a new soprano sax, Ada brought all her toys but I’m not sure how many she played and I blew, sucked, whistled and sang.

Next appearance of Zebra! will be at the Splendor Parade in the Muziekgebouw on 3 January 2015.

Cartel Instant Diciembre

Rippled Modalities

23/11/2014 00:17

The NOW society of Vancouver invited me to create a piece for the improvising ensemble Orkestra Futura as part of a concert with fellow composer/performers Lisa Cay Miller and Lori Freedman.

The big adventure in this project was playing with the shadow puppet team Mind of a Snail. Working with them was a tasty voyage into visual magic.

The Orkestra Futura was a group of Vancouver’s most versatile and insightful improvisers: Peggy Lee, Mike Dowler, Jessie Zubot, JP Carter, Chris Gestrin. Lori, Lisa and I played along.

My piece was called Bugs.

Lori’s piece was called Codence. It was inspired by codes. Lisa’ piece was called Alea Jacta Est. It dealt with some gnarly feminist politics and the audience was invited to eat chocolate!




My Private Odyssey

17/10/2014 17:18

Wonderful premiere last night in Mainz with ten wizardly dancers and the compelling musical forces Monica Germino and Tomoko Mukaiyama.

Bravo choreographer Guy Weizman and composer David Dramm and costume designer Slavna Martinovic and set designer Ascon de Nijs and light designer Wil Frikken for taking us on this journey.

27 more to go!








05/10/2014 08:34

Spent the weekend of 25 – 28 September in Lübeck, Germany attending the Kyma International Sound Symposium and witnessed some incredibly diverse and inventive music and lectures about how and why the artists do it the way they do.

Scott Miller and I have been working remotely all summer putting together a A Lovely Gesture for the students to perform. They dared to improvise with live processing and an interactive voting system right off the bat. Nice.



Headlands Center for the Arts

12/09/2014 12:51

I spent the month of August composing, practicing, walking and hanging out with artists from every discipline but music at the Headlands Center for the Arts in Sausalito, CA.

I made major headway on a couple of pieces, found a deeper love for the Kyma System, took runs going uphill and down and met other artists whose work will resonate with me for a long time.

This was my studio. Enormous thanks to Joe Metzler for lending me the Tannoys.


This was the view from my studio. Most days were overcast with fog. Ideal conditions for sitting in a room.


This view was a short walk up the hill.


Off-the-Cuff in Splendor


is a new series of irregular improvisation concerts presented by VOLSAP in Splendor

The first one featured Zebra:
Yedo Gibson, saxophones
Ada Rave, saxophones
Anne La Berge, flutes


with special guest from Vancouver:
Lisa Cay Miller, piano

and virtuoso Amsterdam musicians:
Ig Henneman, viola
Wilbert de Joode, doublebass
Nora Mulder, piano
Jasper Stadhouders, guitars


Lotus Blue Dream

07/07/2014 13:09

The family concert!
We sang songs, played David’s piece for violin and piccolo,
premiered a series of text works by David
and won the hearts of our faithful Splendor audience.

David Dramm Splendor Members concert
with Diamanda Dramm and me at Splendor Amsterdam


Laboratoire Artistique Sans Limite


Laboratoire Artistique Sans Limite, meaning ‘shorter and shorter nights’ was an initiative of
music, dance and word concerts by Ig Henneman and Ab Baars. I was one of the guests for the third and final night that was indeed very short. We were a diverse and creative fivesome. And to get to know more of Jos Kley’s work was a treat for me!


Poetic Pioneers in Splendor


Playing premieres is one of my all time favorite things to do. This time the composers Michael Edwards and Hugo Morales came from afar to work on the pieces in Splendor a few days before the concert. A few major and minor changes were made and we launched the new music into the world.

Michael Edwards
hyperboles are the worst thing ever (aka Epimenides would have been gutted)
musician-tweaked algorithmic piece for flute and computer


Hugo Morales
Modes of Mechanical Ventilation for intubated flute and electronics


Anne La Berge
Black Veined White (2005) for speaker and loudspeaker


Hugo Morales
Diferenciales for one scrubbed metal rod
Diego Espinosa percussion

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 4.15.34 PM

Poetic Pioneers

11/06/2014 10:34

The program text for the upcoming Poetic Pioneers concert in Splendor on Sunday 15 June 2014 is available online:

View the text here.
(Easy format for smartphones.)

Download PDF here:

This is the e-flyer: