GruntCount goes Ensemble

19/12/2015 00:17

One of my all time favorite pieces is Martin Parker’s GruntCount. I’ve only played it as a solo with an interactive Max Patch built by Martin.

This time Pete Furniss and Martin and I got together and worked on the ensemble version. There was some quick and fancy programming going on that culminated in a presentation late afternoon on 15 December in Reid Hall, Edinburgh.

We’ll be getting together soon with hopes to bring in some string players.



Clarinet Day


6 December 2015
I led the interactive electronics workshops on the Clarinet Day for Amateurs that was held in Splendor on 6 December. A team of clarinetists played through the Kyma System and gave a presentation at the end of the day including a piece called Bandbound using a Max driven score displayed on the iPad.

They were a courageous bunch that seemed to enjoy creating newly found sounds.

photo by Elisabeth Melchior

photo by Elisabeth Melchior

photo by Elisabeth Melchior

photo by Elisabeth Melchior

Shackle at SARC in Belfast

18/12/2015 23:59

Shackle spent a couple of days in early December in Belfast at The Sonic Arts Research Center in Belfast giving a Converging Objects workshop and performing with a group of smart, well-versed and diverse group of students. The famous Sonic Lab there is equipped with a plethora of speakers that are situated in every nook and cranny in the hall. We used only some of them but still enjoyed the sounds and music we made performing with the Shackle Affair system.



To Whom This Power

30/11/2015 10:16

To Whom This Power was a concert conceived and produced by Robert van Heumen on 28 November in the Amsterdam Orgelpark.

Robert artfully gathered fellow musicians Jacob Lekkerkerker, Miriam Overlach and me together to play his music and a couple of other works. The whole concert was wrapped in text interludes by Sieger Baljon and directed by Nienke Rooijakkers. My contribution was a new piece called Dakota for the whole ensemble.

“The theme was how we slowly but surely are ruining the earth’s treasures. A concert about responsibility, guilt, the empowered and the powerless.”

It was an evening with lots of text, movement, lighting, sound and premieres. Time to take it on the road.


Dutch Radio Vrije Geluiden

15/11/2015 14:47

The Dutch Radio station VPRO has a show called Vrije Geluiden: Free, straightforward Sounds.

This week they featured the IMA interview and DVD series that was released this summer.


Kulturschoxx interview

16/10/2015 10:27

There is an interview here with Susanne Gietl, a young journalist who I like alot that lives in Berlin.

“She wanted to play the drums, learned the flute and invented a new instrument. Anne La Berge plays the flute like a synthie. An inspiring talk with the artist.”

The Hum with Joe


Joe Williamson and I shared a concert in Splendor with Fish-Scale Sunrise which is Ab Baars on tenor sax, clarinet, shakuhachi and Kaja Draksler on piano and Joe on double bass. We played our piece The Hum that has our recorded voices narrating facts and impressions about the Hum that people hear in disparate parts of the world at any time of day or night.

It is always a pleasure to play with Joe. Piccolo and double bass are an unlikely but lovely match packed with sonic potential.

We will release an LP soon on Unsounds with this piece and 4º, another piece about time and place.

The Hum in Splendor on 3 October 2015

The Hum in Splendor on 3 October 2015

The Flute Project

20/09/2015 21:31

The Flute Project was created by Camilla Hoitenga to premiere 7 Flutes, the piece she commissioned from Kevin Volans.

This international collection of flutists played concerts in Splendor Amsterdam on 17 September and for the Köln Musiknacht on 19 September. We added locals to play works by Mary Jane Leach and Alvin Curran and Ned McGowan that needed even more flutes!

Many thanks to Ned McGowan and Heather Roche who stepped in at the last minute to conduct the Volans and to Felicia van den End and Rob van Dord who dedicated time and professional prowess to the Splendor Dowlands Tears concert.



The Flute Project on Tour Hannah, Angelika, Anne, Eric, Camilla, Eveline, Katherine

The Flute Project on Tour
Hannah, Angelika, Anne, Eric, Camilla, Eveline, Katherine

Shackle and Maenner mit Motoren

04/09/2015 10:01

Shackle has had two sweaty and electrifying performances with the electro acoustic duo Maenner mit Motoren in the last few months. Both were at the Kunsthaus Rhenania in Köln, a buzzing building that houses visual and sonic artist workspaces.

The first was on May 12 at the end of a 2 day studio collaboration and the second was on 29 August as part of the Strom IV festival.

Sven Hahne has recently moved to Chili but his wizardly visual programming continues to partner with us!

Both performances were on incredibly hot days in Köln. The audiences sipped beer as we cavorted through musical playgrounds, sometimes spacious and sometimes raucous.


Shackle on the left and Men with Motors on the right. 13 May 2015

Shackle on the left and Men with Motors on the right. 13 May 2015


Men with Motors & Shackle did indeed include a woman.

Men with Motors & Shackle did indeed include a woman.

DVD Portrait by IMA

22/07/2015 22:55

I was interviewed by Rebekah Wilson who also edited and contributed to the production of this portrait DVD issued by IMA. The project took a couple of years and we are very excited about the result!

Many thanks to Elisabeth Schimana, the founder and director of IMA for her insights, perseverance and integrity.