Stephen Altoft plays Away

15/06/2016 11:16

Away is one of my oldest Max patch pieces. It was a commission from Stephen Altoft for his 19-tone trumpet.
I’ve played a flute version many times and am touched to see that Stephen is still playing it.

This time in Hamburg.

Stephen Altoft

Shackle Affair at Zaal 100


Robert organized a full evening on the Zaal 100 impro jazz evening where we definitely improvised and snuck in some snippets of jazz. Guitar, one snare drum, one bass clarinet, flutes, lots of electronics.

Shackle Affair 7 June, Zaal 100

Shackle Affair 7 June, Zaal 100

Shackle at the Kunststation in Cologne


The Sankt Peter Church has been made into an art space. It houses a bizaare and remarkably wonderful organ.
Our concert was a half hour lunch concert that included pieces by the three of us. It was a composer/performer party.

Robert van Heumen, Michael Bonaventure

Robert van Heumen, Michael Bonaventure

Aesthetics, Politics, Philosophy #3


For background information on these sessions please see this post.
This time we met in a smaller space where we were all sitting much closer together and somehow inspired a sense of urgency to the issues we dove into.

Erwin Roebroeks’ talk on Opera and Gender and Society was full of fun facts and interesting observations. Food for thought.
And then Hannah Bosma came up with even more discussion material by listing books and articles on Gender in Music that we could all sink our teeth into.
The issues were hot, the questions technical and emotional. I functioned more as discussion leader/guider this time and tried to find ways to give space for everyone’s voices.

Erwin Roebroeks, Hannah Bosma, Semay Wu

Erwin Roebroeks, Hannah Bosma, Semay Wu

Roze Tanker


I got a call at the last minute to join Nora Mulder and Rogier Smal in a set at the Roze Tanker.

Johan Janssen took a plethora of photos and gave us a compliment in his short review. Guess we were experimental. In any case, we had some choice and radical moments.

Roze Tanker, 30 May, with Nora and Rogier

Roze Tanker, 30 May, with Nora and Rogier

The MAZE Festival


MAZE took over Splendor Amsterdam 21 – 22 May for the first and hopefully not the last MAZE Festival.

We played music that fascinates us and we filled the hall with curious and enthusiastic people for concerts, interviews, discussions and drinks.

The composers were:
Peter Ablinger, Andrius Arutiunian, Justin Bennett, Yannis Kyriakides, Anne La Berge, Yael Levy and Michael Pisaro.
The festival was partially funded by Amsterdam Funds for the Arts.
The A-sides, complimentary CD was produced by Unsounds.
We left a colorful trail on Facebook. More information can be found on the MAZE website.

Gareth Davis, Reinier van Houdt, Wiek Hijmans, Dario Calderone, Anne La Berge, Yannis Kyriakides

Gareth Davis, Reinier van Houdt, Wiek Hijmans, Dario Calderone, Anne La Berge, Yannis Kyriakides

MAZE Festival

MAZE Festival

Impro Jam with Ig Henneman and Yung-Tuan Ku


ImproJam is a real jam. A group plays one set and then other musicians join in various combinations determined by throwing dice and drawing names out of a hat. Ig, Yung-Tuan and I were the opening group and afterwards players from Canada, Spain, Holland, Argentina and who knows where played with us.

The event was organized and masterfully led by Nicolas Chientaroli.


GruntCount with Pete


Pete Furniss was in town for a couple of days and we explored and tweaked our duo version of Martin Parker’s brilliant GruntCount Max piece.

We brainstormed a lot and managed to test hardware and software, communication desires, noise, silence and then played our new version as a half hour set in Splendor Amsterdam on May 3 as a warm up to the magnificent Steamboat Switzerland.

GruntCount with Pete Furniss, 3 May, Splendor

GruntCount with Pete Furniss, 3 May, Splendor

Mexico resonances

25/05/2016 11:14

Photos are starting to arrive that document various experiences in Mexico last month. These are from the Cloister of Sor Juana where I performed on 21 April. Many thanks to Carlos Iturralde for making this concert and lively discussion in the Habitación del Ruido Series possible.

Sor Juana stage

The Interview

Sor Juana

Modes of Mechanical Assistance by Hugo Morales

Modes of Mechanical Assistance by Hugo Morales

RAW at the MAZE Festival

17/05/2016 11:18


RAW will be performed on Saturday 21 May as part of the MAZE Festival.

As usual I’ve been messing with the Max Patch just to give some unpredictability to the upcoming performance.

RAW is a work that asks the musicians to improvise on unfinished musical material and to collectively create a work in real time as they are given ongoing random choices to make. RAW embraces the unpolished and unbridled opportunities that unforseen combinations offer us to respond to in the process of making art.

RAW is a Max patch where each player influences the structure by sending a message to the patch at his or her own discretion. The Max patch in turn chooses random combinations of players to play, suggestions for the type of music to play and random prerecorded text samples to be played.

The score is broadcast on iPads: