Published Music  – Frog Peak Music
Indeed for solo flute
unengraced for two flutes
rollin’ for solo flute
whent’go for trombone and flute
earthmaker for flute and computer,
revamper for flute
fixiation for flute and CD
ur_DU for improvisers, computer driven Max/MSP and loudspeaker
urban doldrums for bass clarinet, saxophone
brokenheart for ensemble, small speakers
away for 19 tone trumpet and Max/MSP

Published Music  – Donemus
Drive for improvisers, Max/MSP and game controller

Unpublished Music
Contact me if you are interested in playing one of these pieces.
Many of them are guided improvisations with flexible instrumentation.

[sic]sauce for interactive flute and computer using HMSL
alibible for amplified flute, MIDI guitar, and synthesizer
Dramm/La Berge  (electric guitar, amplified flute) repertoire
never  again for amplified flutes
mus pak dus for flute and bass clarinet and electronics
The Freaks went to Sea for flute and electronics
Cross for flute and electronics
Prairie Gears for flute, guitar, electronics, video for 5 internet performers for
Toss for improvisers, computer driven LiSa, controllers and electronics
black veined white for voice, loudspeaker and synthesizer
Resonant dendrites – a science and art lecture/performance for flute,video and Max/MSP
Shackle – a guided improvisation environment – co-composed with Robert van Heumen
field – a guided improvisation with live electronics and video using Max/MSP/jitter and Arduino controllers
Jailbirds  – for voice, cello and analog synthesizer – co-composed with David Dramm
flock – a radio play for analog synthesizers, Native American flutes and voices
fence – a guided improvisation for 2 laptop players and drums
SCARP – for two to four networked acoustic and/or electronic improvisers.
Lumps – for voice, flute, viola, keyboard and electronics for Trio Scordatura
Swamp – for Field Of Ears, electronics and 8mm film projector
Treads – for violin, trombone, cimbalom and electronics – 7090
PLIGHT – for viola, accordion and soundtrack – Duo Mares
LonelyStats – for improvisers, Max and processing – Field Of Ears
TOO – an App built in Max
THE HUM – for improvisers and Max patch
Degrees On Degrees
– for improvisers and Max patch
Bugs – for improvisers and the Kyma System
Dakota – for improvisers