ArtEZ General Study Workshop

18/03/2017 - 14:47

ArtEZ University of the Arts based in Arnhem, The Netherlands, asked me to come give a workshop for their Lost in Transition general study day on 16 March where they bring creative students from different art disciplines together. It was the Netherland’s national election day and I had just returned from weeks in North America. What a way to land.

We spent 3.5 hours making, interpreting and remaking one another’s works based on the concepts and practical expressions of transitions. I was flabbergasted and touched to be part of such original, resourceful and wise work coming from these young artists.

682/681 with Lisa Cay Miller

18/11/2016 - 15:55

682/681 are the flight numbers for the KLM flights between Vancouver and Amsterdam. A journey that is familiar for many of us especially for Lisa Cay Miller who has been frequenting our city for a few years now to collaborate and perform in the Amsterdam Improv Scene.

On December 17, 2015 Lisa gathered some of her colleagues at Splendor Amsterdam to record a collection of vignettes. The CD presentation concert was on 31 October 2016.

Warm exchanges. Some with lots of volume, others with lots of notes and some with sometimes less.




05/11/2016 - 20:31

Shackle and Men with Motors spent a week in Cologne puzzling out how we could become even more interactive. We played a concert in Stadtgarten and will be playing another soon in Splendor Amsterdam.

The data and the audio exchanges remain intoxicating.

And then there’s the performance!


Setting the screens at Stadtgarten

Setting the screens at Stadtgarten


Shackle Affair and the Splendor Academy

25/08/2016 - 14:36

Shackle took it upon themselves to give a group of classical musicians who were attending the Splendor Academy the chance to have hands-on experience with electro acoustic music making.



With Phil Macguire as our guest, we gave a concert in De Ruimte in Amsterdam North with the participants of the Academy.

Phil and I spent the afternoon showing and experimenting and discussing with the participants.
I built some sounds with the Kyma System that they could all control from iPads.

Robert van Heumen joined us for the concert.


Responses ranged from “What is this?” to “I want more of this!” and from “woah” to “wow!“.



Shackle Affair at Zaal 100

15/06/2016 - 11:11

Robert organized a full evening on the Zaal 100 impro jazz evening where we definitely improvised and snuck in some snippets of jazz. Guitar, one snare drum, one bass clarinet, flutes, lots of electronics.

Shackle Affair 7 June, Zaal 100

Shackle Affair 7 June, Zaal 100

Shackle at the Kunststation in Cologne

- 11:06

The Sankt Peter Church has been made into an art space. It houses a bizaare and remarkably wonderful organ.
Our concert was a half hour lunch concert that included pieces by the three of us. It was a composer/performer party.

Robert van Heumen, Michael Bonaventure

Robert van Heumen, Michael Bonaventure

Impro Jam with Ig Henneman and Yung-Tuan Ku

- 10:23

ImproJam is a real jam. A group plays one set and then other musicians join in various combinations determined by throwing dice and drawing names out of a hat. Ig, Yung-Tuan and I were the opening group and afterwards players from Canada, Spain, Holland, Argentina and who knows where played with us.

The event was organized and masterfully led by Nicolas Chientaroli.


GruntCount with Pete

- 10:07

Pete Furniss was in town for a couple of days and we explored and tweaked our duo version of Martin Parker’s brilliant GruntCount Max piece.

We brainstormed a lot and managed to test hardware and software, communication desires, noise, silence and then played our new version as a half hour set in Splendor Amsterdam on May 3 as a warm up to the magnificent Steamboat Switzerland.

GruntCount with Pete Furniss, 3 May, Splendor

GruntCount with Pete Furniss, 3 May, Splendor

Shackle in De Ruimte

30/04/2016 - 11:44

De Ruimte is an art and concert space with a cafe and an impressive view in the North of Amsterdam which means that most of us have to ride our bikes, take a ferry and ride our bikes further to get there.

The ambitious and friendly staff is working to expand their programming to include electro-acoustic improvised music and last night was one of those nights with Shackle and the Oslo trio Lindvall/Myhr/Gismervik.

Support this initiative.
It’s a welcome new home for the Amsterdam music scene.

Shackle set up with a view.

Shackle set up with a view.

Rippled Modalities

23/11/2014 - 00:17

The NOW society of Vancouver invited me to create a piece for the improvising ensemble Orkestra Futura as part of a concert with fellow composer/performers Lisa Cay Miller and Lori Freedman.

The big adventure in this project was playing with the shadow puppet team Mind of a Snail. Working with them was a tasty voyage into visual magic.

The Orkestra Futura was a group of Vancouver’s most versatile and insightful improvisers: Peggy Lee, Mike Dowler, Jessie Zubot, JP Carter, Chris Gestrin. Lori, Lisa and I played along.

My piece was called Bugs.
The video is on Vimeo here.

Lori’s piece was called Codence. It was inspired by codes. Lisa’ piece was called Alea Jacta Est. It dealt with some gnarly feminist politics and the audience was invited to eat chocolate!