UCSD was the end of California

23/04/2014 18:14

Shackle gave a workshop and concert at UCSD on 16 April. Robert headed home, I flew off to see family and friends. UCSD has changed a lot since I as a student. They really know how make visitors feel welcome and they’ve got an incredible space filled with Meyer speakers!


Curious young artists in Irvine


Was wonderful to revisit the Gassman Electronic Music Series at UC Irvine and see what the students have been up to. Hats off to the faculty of the Integrated Improvisation Composition and Technology program. They are supporting a new generation of artists!


CalArts and a plethora of flutists and composers


Shackle had the treat of taking part in an afternoon of flute presentations and discussions at CalArts. We followed a friend and colleague from graduate school days, Camilla Hoitenga who spoke about notation.

Our notation is the Shackle System!


West Hollywood Library Council Chambers Affair


Shackle met Andrea Young and Michael Day at KISS2013 in Brussels in September 2013. We hit it off there and we hit it off on stage this time at our concert for SASSAS. I hope we can meet up again!


Santa Barbara, aural and gustatorial


Shackle gave a lecture, played a concert at UCSB and then enjoyed the company of Clarence Barlow and colleagues tasting wine in the hills of Santa Barbara. Delicious.


Fresno is more than a hot place


I gave a flute masterclass with the class of Teresa Beaman the whole afternoon. It’s remarkable to me how practicing scales, thinking in phrases and playing from the heart are still relevant to us.

Shackle played an evening concert to a full hall of students, faculty and Fresno enthusiasts. California was in the throes of a heatwave and we were hot in more ways than one.


Mills College revisited


I love Mills College. From the days I was the test case for the development of music software with Larry Polansky and my periodic returns, to the concert Shackle played here in April. The faculty and students change but the feeling of kindred spirits keeps on.


San Francisco Center for New Music


I met Alex Christie at the Walden School last summer in New Hampshire and thought he would enjoy being part of a Shackle Affair concert. I was right. It was mutual!

The San Francisco Center for New Music is a courageous and important initiative right in the center of San Francisco. We need spaces and driven people like them to keep the experiments alive and well.



Colorado Springs in the mountains with snow


Shackle spent a few days in the gorgeous mountains of Colorado Springs teaching and performing. We were impressed with the variation of backgrounds and diversity of ambitions of this small department. And as the first stop of our tour, we were spoiled with interesting work, great hosting and deep discussions with Glen Whitehead, Jane Rigler, Colin Macallister and their array of students.



Seattle in the rain

28/03/2014 19:19

Believe it or not, Tom Baker and I played at the Seattle Chapel for the Wayward Music Series on a SUNNY DAY.

More than a few audience members spent parts of the performance with their eyes closed as images floated through their heads in response to our music. Each time we play together we find ways to gently push and wiggle and blend into musical situations unique to our duo. Playing with Tom stretches me and stretches time.

It’s been raining in Seattle ever since that day.