28/01/2014 12:09

Oorsprong Curator Series is an improvisation concert series in Amsterdam North where the rule is that the performers have never performed on stage together before. I was invited by vibraphonist Andria Nicodemou and dancer Bambos Demetriou to play a set with them. Bambos snapped photos as part of his movement vocabulary and Andria worked the vibraphone to its fullest.

We had lots of surprises and truly powerful musical moments.

Andria 02

alb oorsprong

20 Januari OORSPRONG 2014 def

The new year

16/01/2014 14:47

Splendor started 2014 in the Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam with a Parade concert that ranged from a kalimba trio to a wind quintet to the Bolero played by all of us including a battery of kids on percussion.

We brought the house down!

I played a work of mine from the former century, revamper.


Converging Objects with an Affair at STEIM

15/12/2013 11:52

The Shackle’s Converging Objects workshop at STEIM and the Shackle Affair with Luc van Weelden turned out to be an intense couple of days for us all.

Strategies, histories, passions, techniques, likes and dislikes all made their way into the working process. The participants’ generosity to find solutions and their focus to get down to work was truly impressive. I think we each took something from the experience home with us and I certainly learned more about what particular artists need to successfully combine playing an acoustic instrument with electronics.

We have a long way to go!




Sounds Like Soup On Sunday

08/12/2013 20:27

Shackle kept our flow of activity going by playing at the cozy Sounds Like Soup this windy and rainy afternoon. Our guest this time was our trusted clarinetist companion Oguz Buyukberber.


Shackle at Kultur


I made it home from Chicago just in time to play with Shackle and Onno Govaert as guest drummer at the KULTER event in the St. Josef church in Amsterdam.

It was in an unheated and gutted church that was, for this event, popluated with artists. They projected work on the walls, set up installations and made performances.

We filled the space with sound!



The Beehive


I spent my freshman year in college at Northwestern University. Last Friday I visited the campus again. This building, the Beehive, is filled with tiny practice rooms. I spent millions of hours in that building back then. Nostalgia hit met when I saw it still standing.


Elastic in Chicago


An improv gig is an ideal way to meet new friends and colleagues. Not much talking. Just making music together. The gig at Elastic Arts in Chicago last Thursday was just that. A real meeting of musics. Thanks to
Katie Young – bassoon
James Falzone – clarinet
Brian Labycz – electronics
Jason Roebke – bass
for your musical generosity!


Sunday afternoon at MuzyQ

20/11/2013 22:07

MAZE played a 30 minute version of Elliott Sharp’s graphic score FOLIAGE for the Music Matrix at MuzyQ in Amsterdam. The building was crawling with young guitar players looking for magical tips from the visiting masters. Our improvisational and abstract rendition of Elliott’s piece, was clearly a fresh take on what 6 musicians can do when they get together and play.


OCCII and Marshall Allen plus


I had the privilege to play a long set on Saturday at OCCII with an assembly of 2 drummers, 3 sax players with some of them playing various electronic instruments new and old. The honored guest was Marshall Allen.

I did my best to keep up with Marshall’s tasteful dressing by wearing my only piece of clothing with sequins. Needless to say we made some wonderful music along the way.


MAZE at November Music

09/11/2013 12:13

A very big screen where the videos of Christian Marclay are projected. Six diverse musicians playing to the visual score of Marclay while keeping their ears wide open to make music together that not only relates to the films but forms a musical unity within MAZE. We nailed it this time!