Minnesota in the snow

28/03/2014 18:53

Composer Scott Miller put me to work at St. Cloud State University teaching composition, lecturing and collaborating on two concerts, one in St. Cloud and one at Studio Z in St. Paul.

We took his piece The Strange Fine-Tuning of Our Universe that we performed at KISS2013 in Brussels a giant step further to where I can perform it on the road without him. A sad but practical decision.

We also played my work LonelyStats in duo and quintet form. I’ve revised it to where I recite text about Annabelle Lee from the All American Girls’ Baseball League and Marina Raskova from the Russian Night Witches. My music doesn’t evolve in my head, it evolves on stage from performance to performance.

I had a great time playing Kristian Twombly’s piece The Ship. A conceptual gem. And joining forces with the Fifth Column with Brett Wartchow, Nathan Hanson, Pat O’Keefe and Scott Miller at Studio Z could become a delightful habit if we can keep it up.

Anna La Berge program


Unsounds launches their e-store

13/03/2014 11:58

The latest newness I had the pleasure of taking part in was the launch of the label Unsounds’ e-store. The digital releases include THE HUM, a set of two works by bassist Joe Williamson and I which we played at the opening. The event was held at Splendor with a devoted audience, many of whom had never been there before.

Joe and I spent the next days creating new work for our next release.

Spread the word. Splendor is the place to be and Unsounds is the flavor of the year!


Joe and Anne playing PR


HUM unsounds Splendor

MAZE in Bristol


Getting from Athens to Bristol was almost as eventful as playing the concerts.

MAZE flew from Athens home to Amsterdam and then the next morning took off for Bristol, England. Dario, our bass player, got held up at security and missed the flight. Security is to be blamed for not recognizing a simple bluetooth pedal! After the travel day from hell, Dario managed to arrive just in time for the gig which was MAZE playing music to The Bell and the Glass and Screenplay films by Christian Marclay at Arnolfini.

One added benefit to playing at festivals is to catch up with old friends and colleagues and to meet new ones. One particularly special morning hour was spent hanging out with Ellen Fullman and witnessing her play her strings.

Arnolfini Bristol



I had a free night on 19 February in Athens. My friend and colleague Nicoleta Chatzopoulou set up a lecture at the The Contemporary Music Research Center that founded in 1979 (and officially established in 1986) by Iannis Xenakis. The center revolves around artists and scientists exploring the boundaries between music, art, science and aesthetics.

We wove our way into lively discussions about composer/performer roles in the current European music life and got into the nitty gritty of composing for improvisers. Subjects that I’ve been pondering for over 30 years that are still ripe!


Athens w/ Nicoleta

MAZE on mini tour


MAZE flew off at the crack of dawn on 19 February to Athens where we played a concert of works by Yannis Kyriakides at the Onassis Cultural Center. Besides rehearsing and playing, we had a chance to take a short walk to the Acropolis. It was a couple of days experience the very new next to the very very old.


MAZE in Splendor


Splendor Amsterdam has become the home of MAZE where we can rehearse, experiment, drink coffee and tea and show the world our stuff.

MAZE started our mini European tour in Splendor’s main hall on 18 February with pieces by Yannis Kyriakides and a premiere of RAW, a work of mine that will also be performed in Bologna in May. RAW will undergo further developments but the first go was a delight with resourceful and creative playing by the MAZE guys.

Wiek Hijmans
Wiek Feb 18

Gareth Davis
MAZE 18 Feb 1

Shackle Affair with Luc

16/02/2014 12:27

One of Shackle’s favorite companions is Luc van Weelden. We played a romping and delightfully chaotic set with him at OCCII.

A threesome is always more complex than a duo and playing with Luc seduces us to wander astray in our music making.

I enjoyed the sets that flanked us that night: The poetic experiments of Helena Sanders and the go-get-’em duo Cathy Heyden and Rogier Smal.


New Trio


Ada Rave on sax, Yedo Gibson on sax and bass clarinet and little pipes and I played our first set as a trio at the Rose Tanker

It was a set full of new challenges for wind playing fantasies.

The Rose Tanker is an old gas station in a park in Amsterdam North. It was a small but dedicated group of musicians and audience who made it there on our bikes in the windy, rainy, dark night.

We just need a name now!



02/02/2014 14:04

Almost every year I serve as a judge and coach for the AMIS Solo and Ensemble Festival at the American School in the Hague. The festival is modelled after ones many of us went to during our years of public school music experiences. I got a big kick out of the kids this year. A sweet balance between hard work and nostalgia.




28/01/2014 12:09

Oorsprong Curator Series is an improvisation concert series in Amsterdam North where the rule is that the performers have never performed on stage together before. I was invited by vibraphonist Andria Nicodemou and dancer Bambos Demetriou to play a set with them. Bambos snapped photos as part of his movement vocabulary and Andria worked the vibraphone to its fullest.

We had lots of surprises and truly powerful musical moments.

Andria 02

alb oorsprong

20 Januari OORSPRONG 2014 def