DVD Portrait by IMA

22/07/2015 22:55

I was interviewed by Rebekah Wilson who also edited and contributed to the production of this portrait DVD issued by IMA. The project took a couple of years and we are very excited about the result!

Many thanks to Elisabeth Schimana, the founder and director of IMA for her insights, perseverance and integrity.


Heroines of Sound at Radial System Berlin


The Heroines of Sound Festival was held at the Radial System in Berlin. Primarily German women composers that ranged from DJs to those who fully notate their compositions were featured. The Vienna based IMA presented their edition of interviews that are published on DVD. Since the latest DVD was on me, we played the last bits and I performed a work-in-progress version of Utter.

There is a review and an interview with me in Missy Magazine written by Susanne Gietl.

The high point for me was to hear the all the different performances and to rub elbows with women composer/performers that I’ve never met before.

Radial System Heroines Festival

Radial System Heroines Festival

Utter at Heroines of Sound

Utter narration

Mo Loschelder and Bettina Wackernagel, the driving forces behind the Heroines of Sound Festival 2015

Mo Loschelder and Bettina Wackernagel, the driving forces behind the Heroines of Sound Festival 2015

Electro Gönner in Vienna

09/07/2015 21:00

Bruno Liberda and I played a concert together at Elektro Gönner in Vienna last Sunday.
We played:
“Musik für Gönner” by Bruno Liberda on analog synths
“Weg nach C“ by Bruno Liberda for flute and Kyma System
„Utter“ by me for flute, voice and Kyma System

It was a steamy 35 degrees! We offered virtuosic computer and flute acrobatics juxtaposed with just plain remarkable sounds. Music!

The series is run by the devoted and intelligent producers Hans-Jürgen Hauptmann and his partner Sophie.

I want to go back.

Bruno Liberda and I

Bruno Liberda and I


25/06/2015 21:44

Andreas Fellinger is the driving force behind the freiStil magazine in Vienna. He was asked by the propeller-of-many-artistic-adventures Elisabeth Schimana from IMA to write the liner notes for a portrait DVD about me that will be released on 10 July. He also used the same text and more in the latest issue of freiStil.

It’s a real physical magazine made of paper that you have to buy on the newsstand!


Thanks to photographer Anja Conrad and stylist Slavna Martinovic for getting me to enjoy holding all those cables.

Shackle at The Last Instant Music Day


Shackle was hot tonight!
Just what the end of our season needed. Noise, intimacy, perverse merriment, surprise, Supercollider, the Kyma, the flutes and lots of imagination.


For Bob Gilmore


Bob Gilmore was a musicologist, a friend, a kindred spirit and a guiding force in my musical and personal life. He died of cancer on 2 January 2015. Many of us saw him through his period of illness but we all did not want him to die. We loved him.

Bob kicked my ass when he saw fit. He interviewed me. He wrote liner notes for my CD. We performed together. We laughed. We were a gossip team. We believed in music.

This memorial concert was to celebrate Bob’s birthday.
We all played music together. Some of it was composed many eras ago and some was composed for this ocassion.

Many thanks to Elisabeth Smalt, Bob’s partner, and Benjamin Gilmore, Bob’s son, and all the other people involved in the evening who made this day what is was: a Bob day.



China with Bruce Gremo


I spent a week in Shanghai coaching performance and communication techniques to executives as part of EPT, a team of high powered coaches led by Jessie Gordon.

After that intense week with Chinese business people I flew to Beijing to meet up with my dear friend and fellow flutist/composer Bruce Gremo. We not only played a concert of W. F. Bach, Gremo and La Berge in the stunning atelier of Katrin Rechenberg, the next day we climbed a backwoods trail to visit the Great Wall of China.

Big flutes.

Custom Silk Designs by Katrin Rechenberg. Check out how she has the silk produced by trusted Chinese colleagues.

Katrin and assistant.

Bruce’s wife Jennifer is a super entrepreneur. She runs her own bakery called Boulangerie Nanda that bakes artisan breads and pastries from organic flour grown in China.

The Great Wall of China. No one could experience all 8,851.8 kilometers in a lifetime. We all just go there and wonder.

Milton and more in Boston

14/05/2015 11:03

From 27 April – 2 May I was the Melissa Gold Guest Artist at the Milton Academy in Boston. It was a week of adventure working with young people from ages 12 – 17. My goal was to give them a taste of music that uses improvisation and interactive electronics. I prepared a few pieces where they could participate. Even when there were 60 or more per class, we found ways for them to get inside of extended techniques, sonic improvisation and pushing a few buttons on my controllers. Participation and discussions were lively.

On Wednesday we ventured off campus to the high powered Brookline High School and the Bridge Boston Charter School where we embarked on the same adventures. At Bridge Boston we made music with kids from 4 – 8 yrs. They smiled, laughed and danced when I made up short songs using all those weird sounds. When is weird weird?

This week was made possible by my dear friend and colleague Louise Mundinger, music teacher at Milton and organist supreme.

Milton Chorus link giving Martin Parker’s GruntCount a try.

Chorus class at Brookline

Advanced music students Brookline
11169208_923120301071610_6952636551302390468_n (1)


LateLab Dialogues at the Edinburgh Science Festival


I flew to Edinburgh on 8 April to work with composer Michael Edwards and his students Yoann Mylonakis and Louis McHugh from the University of Edinburgh’s Digital Composition and Performance Department. We spent long hours tweaking their interactive computer compositions and then performed them at the Edinburgh Science Festival on 10 April.

We ran the audio directly from my old trustworthy RME to the surround speaker system and the composers controlled their pieces that were installed on my laptop discretely and almost secretly using MIRA and their iPads. No big mixers, no spaghetti cabling down the middle of the hall. Lovely interactions between composers, computers and the performer which happened to be me!


Bassoons and more at Splendor

28/03/2015 13:40

Robert van Heumen and I as Shackle hosted two duos to a full day in Amsterdam on 25 March.

They have very long names:
Of an implacable subtraction
with bassoonist/composer Dana Jessen and composer/performer Paula Mathussen
Architeuthis Walks on Land
with bassoonist/composer Katherine Young and violist/improviser Amy Cimini

Both duos presented their work and themselves at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and then played with and without Shackle in a diverse and marvelous concert at Splendor Amsterdam.

Oh how I wish they all lived in my town and I could play with them more than once in a blue moon.